SCHURTER Electronic Components operates successfully as a Swiss technology company worldwide. We offer solutions to our business partners, also for the most demanding requirements. In a dynamic market, we are growing thanks to high technical expertise, financial independence and extraordinary innovation.

We focus on components and systems ensuring the clan and safe supply of power and ease of use of electrical equipment according to IEC 60950.

The assortment encloses: Fuse-Links, Fuseholders, Varistors, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, IEC 6320 Appliance Couplers, Cord sets, Membrane Keypads, Switches Touch Screens and Touch Panels, capacitive Keypads, Cabinet and Control Systems, 1- und 3-phase Line Filter with and without Appliance Inlets, Chokes, Pulse Transformers, Driver Modules, Voltage Selectors, Test Jacks and Probes, Indicators, Audio-, DC-, DIN-, Data- and Signal Connectors.